Do you need a Thermal Fuse for your appliance?

Do you know what a thermal fuse really is? Simply put, it is a circuit placed in an electrical device that interrupts the items basic functions when the heat goes beyond a certain point. It is different from a thermal switch as it is only used one time and then it has to be replaced. The fuse is simply a pellet or cutoff which severs ties to the heating mechanism when it is too hot. The purpose of a thermal cutoff fuse is to disconnect the heating element from the energy source in order to avoid malfunction.

One of the most common items you will find them in is a hair dryer. The reason why there is a thermal fuse in a hair dryer is because of how hot it can get. The point of having this safety feature in the hair dryer is to ensure that the user doesn’t get burnt or harmed in any way. Another common item that you will find them in is a dryer. The benefit of this is to protect ones clothing and prevent any possible fire hazard.

Importance Of  Thermal Fusing

Protect Users – One of the reasons why they are so important is because it protects the person using the item. If there was no fuse, then the person using the item would need to stop using it as soon as it felt too hot to touch.

Eliminate Overheating – One problem with items like coffeemakers and hair dryers is they can easily overheat, this is why they are so important. If it wasn’t for the  fuse any item that uses or produces heat will have a high likelihood of it overheating at some point.

Prolong Items Lifespan – Not only do you want to protect yourself but you want to protect the item you are using as well. Without a thermal fuse people would most likely push certain items to the limit and this would call for a short lifespan. For items like a clothes dryer, a fuse is a must in order to prolong the lifespan of it. Being that once the  fuse is severed the dryer won’t work anymore but can be repaired. But if you totally overheated the device beyond repair, you will have to go out and buy a new one which is obviously more expensive compared to replacing the existing fuse!

Create An Easy Fix – If there wasn’t a thermal cut out in any of the heating appliances out there such as a microwave, hair dryer, clothes dryer or coffeemaker, then you would have to replace the entire item. With the cut out all you need to do is buy a replacement and change it out. This is one of the reasons manufacturers put these fuses into items that heat up.

There are many types of thermal cut out fuses out there and other than the regular fuse the most common one is the microtemp. The microtemp is just what its name says, it is a fuse for lower temperatures. The reason this was created is to prevent even the smallest increase in temperature from harming the user of the item in operation. Overall, a thermal fuse might just be a small component of your machine or device but when abused, it can render the whole appliance useless and leave you calling for a repairs. Understanding how it works is important for safety as well as for proper usage and maintenance. Click here for more info